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Urban STEM Camp


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are some of the fastest growing professional careers. The annual Urban STEM Camp is for 30 middle school young men interested in learning more about STEM fields. The camp is held in partnership with Project Still I Rise, Inc., a local nonprofit organization focused on empowering youth through academic enrichment, mentoring, and leadership development.


From robots to rockets, the campers learn about science and engineering careers through hands-on activities, visits to local corporations, and faculty lectures.


The camp has been sponsored by the Department of Community Engagement since 2010 and has served 225 students. The students experience campus life by staying in the residence hall during the three-day and two-night camp. Make your gift and check out our Facebook Album for photos from the 2017 camp.


We need your help!

Help us expand our camp to serve an additional 10-15 students


Our office provides support for 30 students to attend the camp at no charge. Your generous support will help us expand the number of students we serve! The cost per student is $350, which includes housing, meals, T-shirts, transportation for the corporate tour, and supplies.



About our department

The Department of Community Engagement provides programs and services to support historically underrepresented and low socioeconomic students through college preparation programs, school and community partnerships, and the Diversity Scholars Program to help increase in student diversity at UT Dallas.

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